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November 20, 2018
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November 20, 2018
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Jade Luck Pyramid



The pyramid shape is sacred geometrical energy so powerful, it has the ability to channel or collect energy from the higher realms of the stars, the planets and the Universe and deliver it down to earth.

  • The bottom of the pyramid represents a solid, earthy foundation, whereas the pointed top represents being able to reach into higher realms of consciousness.
  • Because of its shape, any energy that enters the pyramid has the ability to be cleansed and purified. Almost like the pyramid acts like a filter of sorts. This is because pyramids are said to generate negative ions which can balance the body’s electromagnetic field and deliver healing.
  • By sitting inside or beside a pyramid, it is believed that your energy centers can be balanced and it becomes easier to receive messages from your intuition and higher beings. Your aura can also be recharged and can appear much brighter.
  • Placing food, herbs and other supplements inside a pyramid has also been shown to increase their effectiveness and can actually help to preserve their structure.

Genuine Jade Crystal Pieces to unleash the Divine Feminine Energy

  • Jade is useful in dream-solving, facilitates access to the spiritual world and ritualistic knowledge and supports creativity, all of which are encompassed in jade meaning.
  • Jade gemstones are also thought to have powerful healing powers for all those times during a long life when healing is required. Jade meaning is based in an ability to gather tranquil wisdom while discarding negativity and seeing one’s true self.

Orgone resin energy product with:

  • Real Gold Flakes
  • Copper Spiral The Spiral Journeys both Upward and Inward, as each Lesson places you at the Vantage Point for Your Highest Good, and present Awareness.

Protects auric field from harmful EMF waves emitted from Tvs, cell phones, microwaves, computers, etc.

Pray  abundance &  productive intentions into this stone for enhanced meditations and manifestations.

Cleanse with fresh water, moon energy or our Smudge Kits